Cartoonist who codes and animates.

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A few projects created, designed, and animated by Jennifer Perdomo

Travels with Robot

Travels with Robot is an animated GIF series that follows the explorations of a girl, a robot, and a cat. It's like a Sunday comic in animated GIF form. Each gif has hand-drawn elements and tells a story.


InkBlots is a series of GIF's in which color meets black and white. These are inspired by my love of classic cartoons and films.

After School Mayhem!

The concept of After School Mayhem is to make a collection of 5 or 6 looping GIF's that all integrate together to tell one seamless story. Be forwarned; Chaos will ensue!

Painting with Code

Codepen is my favorite playground. It's where I go to experiment with CSS and JavaScript, stretch my imagination, and the limits of my coding skills. It's where I turn code into bite-sized cartoons and create joyful interactive elments for the web.

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